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Leaving the 9-5 behind to focus on growing my Real Estate business

This is my inaugural news post for Kingsview Real Estate Management. 9 months ago I left my career behind to pursue my passion of being involved in Real Estate - Full Time - trading, managing property and continuing to invest. This decision was a year in the making. I came to this realization once I decided it was time for me to shape my lifestyle as opposed to feeling outside forces were shaping it. When I made the decision, I evaluated what I wanted and what I already had. Carrying out this exercise made me realize that I already had a lot of what I wanted and it wasn’t so farfetched to commit full time efforts to what I still wanted.

I have been investing in Real Estate for over 12 years, starting with duplexes and working my way up to multi-unit residential buildings. My strategy has always been simple and straightforward:

  • Research the market and find a market poised for growth

  • Locate a property that has the opportunity to add value

  • Increase the value of the property through renovations and creative revenue streams

  • Decrease expenses

  • Manage it well

This approach has worked well – I have never invested in cash flow negative properties and have always focused on acquiring cash flow neutral property with a lot of upside potential. My investments have been in Cambridge, Hamilton, Toronto, Whitby and Oshawa – markets that have been considered top investment CMA’s according to the REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) Top Areas to Invest.

Through my buy and hold strategy, I have gained a portfolio of cash flow positive real estate. I have managed to cut my teeth in landlording, renovations, and property prospecting. Along the way I also earned an Engineering Diploma in addition to my Business Diploma and worked in Project Management for a premier custom home builder in Toronto. Working in custom home building I learned the value of great communication, service and quality – something I provide my clients with today.

If you are looking to work with a Real Estate Agent who has a background in building, renovation, and investment – contact me to chat as I would love to understand what your vision is for your next home or investment.


Derek D. Wacker

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